Hollweg Assessment Partners takes seriously our duty to clients and their candidates / employees. We are committed to the confidentiality of your assessments and assure you of the security of your data. Many of our clients have a specific protocol in place for the sharing of assessment results. If you are a candidate or current employee, please solicit the hiring manager for your assessment results, as our client company possesses sole ownership of their candidate / employee data.

If you are a candidate who has been asked to take a Director or Executive level assessment, please contact HAP’s Operations Manager, Tammy Creekmore, as she will happily walk you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. Tammy’s contact information is as follows:


  (+1) 214-296-4566

  (+1) 469-258-5389

If you are a candidate for an Hourly / Associate or Manager assessment and experience any technical difficulties while completing the test, please take advantage of our support function on the SonicAssess technology platform by using the following contact information:


  (+1) 817-576-6427